Message 1


      1. His sheep hear His voice – Jn 10:2-3
      2. His sheep follow Him, for they know His voice – Jn 10:4
      3. Thus Jesus expects His sheep to heed His voice
         a. As proclaimed during His earthly ministry – Lk 6:46
         b. As stated in the Great Commission – Mt 28:18-20
      4. Which we do today by heeding the words of His apostles
         a. To receive them is to receive Him – Jn 13:20
         b. Thus the early church continued steadfastly in their
            doctrine – Ac 2:42
         c. For they taught the commandments of the Lord – 1Co 14:37
      — Are we following the Shepherd by heeding His voice?

1. There is one flock (or one body) – Jn 10:16; cf. Ep 4:4
2. We should strive to maintain the unity of that flock
a. For which Jesus prayed – Jn 17:20-23
b. For which Jesus died – Ep 2:13-16
3. Which we do today by:
a. Not heeding the voice of “strangers” (false teachers)
– Jn 10:5,8b; cf. 2Jn 9,10
b. Maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace
– Ep 4:1-3
— Are we doing our part to preserve the oneness of His flock?

1. The Chief Shepherd has shepherds to guide His flock
a. They are the elders in a local congregation – 1Pe 5:1-4
b. Their duty is to oversee and pastor the flock – Ac 20:17,28;
1Pe 5:1-3
2. Jesus expects His sheep to respect His shepherds
a. To submit to their oversight, make their duty a joyful one
– He 13:17
b. To esteem them highly in love, being at peace – 1Th 5:12-13
— Are we helping or hindering the work of the Lord’s shepherds?

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