Time alone with God

Mark 1 v 36
And Simon and those who were with him searched for him

The next day after teaching and healing people, Jesus slips out of Simon Peter’s house to pray alone with God. When the disciples wake, Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John notice Jesus is missing, and go to look for Him. This was not the first time someone looked for Jesus while He connected with God, when He was twelve, he stayed in Jerusalem to talk with Jewish scholars while His parents searched for Him (Luke 2:41–51).

An interesting note is that Jesus does not concern Himself too much with what the disciples might have thought. He doesn’t wake them up and tell them where He is going. He doesn’t ask them to come along. He needs quiet and solitude to pray, and He doesn’t feel guilty for taking it. Like parents, waking early for a quiet time before the kids wake He makes arrangements for His own spiritual needs. He isn’t sinning by sneaking away from the disciples so that they had to look for Him. Its the same way, we shouldn’t feel bad when we need a break from what we do to reconnect with God.

Time alone with God appears to be preparing for the next stage of His public ministry: leaving Capernaum and preaching in other villages. Another important thing is the response of Jesus to His instant popularity. He does not seek fame, but instead prefers time alone with the Heavenly Father. His goal is not to please people, but to do the will of His Father in heaven. His example in this area is important still today. We are not called to seek our own glory but to give glory to God in all things (Colossians 3:17).


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