The Power of Living God Ministries


The Power of Living God Ministries was established on 2015 by Pastor Bhuvana Chakra Kowluri, and is doing awesome ministry including, charity, church ministry and gospel outreach programs.

Pastor Bhuvana Chakra Kowluri was saved by God’s amazing grace from drugs and alcohol. In his childhood God miraculously healed him from deadly deceases. He turned to the Living God when he was 19 years old and then started learning bible. He had a bachelor degree education in theology. Impacts of his family situations and background left him poor and needy. But the intention of his heart is after the people of his community that are still living without Christ Jesus and started outreach programs by asking his friends to go with him to villages to share gospel. There started and now doing awesome church ministry and they’re now outgrown their little space.

The Power of Living God Ministries is now doing awesome outreach programs. Taking gospel of Jesus Christ door to door. Many radical communities heard the name Jesus through this ministry. People aren’t so receptive but yet continually preaching gospel to those stubborn religious extremists. Dragging many souls from hell fire to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Keep praying for us 🙏 and join us to spread gospel everywhere here in India ☺️

God bless you

Ministry Intro

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